Model Spotlight - JellyFilledGirls

Three years ago Jelly Filled Girls joined the adult industry to fill a gap they saw in the market. Today, this real-life couple is making high-quality, authentic, intimate, lesbian content for their 50k+ subscribers. Get to know the girls behind the jelly, what inspires them to create, the secrets to their success and what sets them apart from the rest!

Who are the Jelly Filled Girls? What’s the story behind the name?

We are a real WLW (women loving womaen) couple, happily engaged and together for 8 years. The name came about from a funny conversation with some friends on vacation a couple of years ago. We were brainstorming funny and catchy stage names inspired by kinky foods for an adult content debut (as a joke) but when this name was blurted out, we just knew that was the one. There is something so kinky about jelly filled donuts, and being two women with a VERY silly sense of humor, we chose this name as it was on brand with our goofy characters. :P 

How did you get your start in the industry? What inspired you to make the type of content you do?

Our industry debut was born out of a simple shower thought. We were both so tired of never finding authentic and genuine, high quality and ethically produced WLW adult content and have been complaining about this to one another for a while. One day one of us had THE ultimate shower thought: what if we created it ourselves? We have the equipment, we have the editing know-how, we have filming knowledge, we are an authentic couple with a beautiful loving and healthy intimate relationship. Why don't we showcase that and see what happens? We hit one million views after just 1 month of posting content and after just one year our content garnered over 50 million views. That's when we knew we were doing something right and people were really digging this fairly new approach to WLW content.

Your channel really gives off a sense of authenticity. How do you plan and prepare for your shoots?

We try to keep it as authentic and as natural as possible when we shoot. With time we were able to find strategies that work well for the both of us and ensure that we are able to capture the intimacy and genuineness between us. One strategy is to prepare our camera set up first (usually we have an idea what we want to shoot and what angles would best highlight and showcase what is going to happen) and once that is out of the way, we do our thing OFF camera to get into it and connect to one another on a personal and intimate level. When we feel satiated and ready to turn the cameras on, we do exactly that and go for round 2 which can sometimes be even more passionate! Other times we find it interesting to capture the slow build-up so we turn the cameras on right away and it ends up being a really beautiful, natural, slow-paced video that highlights all of the different stages of an intimate and sexual connection. As for WHAT is going to be shot, we usually discuss what we're in the mood for specifically that day or that week (ex: one day one of us might really be feeling the strap-on, another day we may be feeling some tribbing, another day we may be into just simple foreplay, etc.). We shoot whatever we are in the mood for that day and then we rotate out our content so that our viewers get a nice variety!

What do you think makes your content different from the rest?

Most definitely the genuine, authentic and loving approach! There are so many important elements in a real WLW intimate relationship that are sadly never showcased in mainstream WLW content. For instance: communicating your wants and needs, whether you like something or not, whether you want your partner to keep going or stop, to change something or not, etc. Another example is the application of lube when using toys which is extremely important for pleasure and comfort. You'll almost never see that in mainstream content. More important examples: consent (asking your partner if they are comfortable for whatever you are about to do, etc), respecting one another's limits (listening to your partner when they say stop or slow down), complimenting one another during to make each other feel beautiful, desired and sexy, expressing love for one another before during and after the act (saying "i love you!" during sex is such a powerful and emotional gesture that is almost NEVER showcased in any mainstream adult content), AFTERCARE (holding one another afterwards, kissing, showing the tenderness between two people who are genuinely into one another, etc). These are just some of the elements that our content is known for, and we are so proud to be able to highlight them as they are all very normal, real, and important parts of intimacy.

What advice would you give to other couples thinking about joining the industry? 

BE AUTHENTIC! Don't fall into the mainstream trap and follow already existing trends just for the pay and the views. Create something UNIQUE to you and you alone. Showcase your real intimate relationship and highlight the elements that make YOUR relationship with your partner special and unique. This is what more and more people want to see nowadays. The era of acting and fake orgasms is getting old and boring and the more genuine and connected you are to your partner(s) and content, the more people will feel that. There is a shift happening right now and people are more and more willing to support independent amateur creators who are being real with their fans. Also, be kind and supportive to other creators. Let go of the competitive mindset because at the end of the day we are all part of the same community, and we all win by uplifting one another. There is room for everyone to be successful and unique in their own special ways.

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